Hi, I am Dr Jo Braid, physician and professional coach, wife and mum to 3 sons.


The biggest obstacles in life come from within us.

Dr Jo Braid

How I got here...

As a physician of 20 years, and professional coach, I get how managing our minds is so essential to how we show up everyday. 

I first received mindset coaching when I was preparing for my Rehabilitation Medicine specialist exams in 2007. We role played showing up as a specialist. And it worked. 

Later in my career, I was juggling young energetic sons at home, and public and private hospital clinics. I was upskilling in further training in functional medicine, and became burnt out, overwhelmed and disconnected from myself....and my family. 

I sought out coaching, and before long I was living more intentionally, prioritising myself without the guilt and feeling more satisfied everyday. Instead of life happening to me, I developed some boundaries and started to say "No". My career has been so much more enjoyable, productive and sustainable. I am connected with my family and friends...and most importantly I listen to my gut feeling rather than dismissing it. 

I help healthcare professionals with mindset management strategies, so their lives and careers are more sustainable

My mission is to get more coaching into healthcare and help elevate the quality of life of healthcare professionals by providing mindset management strategies applicable to personal and professional life. 

Who do I work with?

Healthcare professionals, who are at the peak of their careers, yet feeling unsatisfied, overwhelmed with the juggle of life, and losing the autonomy they anticipated having. 

I love working with people like this as they are high achievers with drive and passion, who are wanting to shine their light which has been dimmed by burnout and overwhelm. With useful and usable mindset management tools, these amazing humans quickly resurface and grow their clarity, confidence and self-compassion to create the life they want. 

How we work together...

Some clients want tailored 1:1 burnout recovery programs. This program has 12 sessions via Zoom, where we work through how to get over the exhaustion, stop the cynicism towards work and be productive once again. 

Want to get started?

First step is to book in a Burnout Recovery Session with me. It's a free 25-minute call over Zoom, where you share what is going on, and where you want to be. You can ask me questions. If it looks like a good fit for both sides we make plans to start working together. 

Get started here

Results my clients have through working together:

  • Better sleep.
  • More relaxed around family.
  • Able to say no without guilt.
  • Prioritize themselves on their list.
  • Set realistic goals.
  • Bring self-reflection into their everyday.
  • Speak kindly to themselves even when something doesn't go to plan. 
  • Create their ideal portfolio career. 

Want to get over the Sunday night dread?


Here's a short video course and worksheet so you can prioritize your tasks and say no with confidence.